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8:48 a.m. - 2003-05-01
Booger and kilts, boogers and kilts
I have boogers. Not real ones, but I feel like crap and have been sleepy, with a sore throat and achy face, so I started using a homeopathic remedy you squirt in your nose. The stuff they make for allergies is great. The cold formula makes booger-like formations in your nose. It helps that I'm a mouth breather for the most part, so I'm not blowing them out. Its still gross though. I'll have to put my co-worker on booger alert.

I'm going to see a movie tonight. The one with Colin Firth (god bless him) who has a daugher visiting from the states. Silly, but maybe it will be another good Colin movie, like Pride and Predjudice and Bridget Jones. He's not my usual type, but there's something cute and puppy-like about him.

I love puppies.

Work today is going to hurt. I came in late (8am) due to sleeping in, which was due to feeling like crap. So I have to stay till 6 tonight. Ouch!

On the good side, I had Baba Ganouj (eggplant and sesame dip) with pretzels for breakfast this morning -- so I'm looking forward to torturing my co-workers with my hideous garlic breath. Why brush my teeth when I can use my breath as a weapon againt yappy, whiny people in my cube? Sends them running away screaming!

(Big grin)

Another good note: I've been assigned to a project with a Scottish company. I have a fettish for men in kilts, so the sound of those brogues every day for a few months will be music to me ears.


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