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8:28 a.m. - 2003-06-04
Germs and boats
Its a biohazard bazaar here at work today. Everyone has this cold/flu thing and those who haven't called in sick are caughing, snorting, hocking and sneezing all over me. I have the Lysol at the ready near the entrance to my office.

Today is mountain bike day. I've been talking about buying one for ages now and I think I'm finally going to buy one. there is much opportunity to get one's ass in gear where I live - and I'm hopping on the wagon.

Cruise, cruise, cruise. Sixweasels and I are once again on the hunt for the perfect cruise. One close to home, with a lot of bang for the buck. With out discounts from the last one - where they made me sleep on the floor - I think we can easily swing a room with a balcony. We will live like royalty for a week. That's how it goes with cruise ships. The people in the inside cabins are like the knights and ladies. The people in the outside cabins are like the barons and baronesses. The people in the balcony rooms (like me and Six) are like the dukes and dutcheses. Then the people in the suites are part of the royal family with servants and stuff. I don't know a whole lot about British royalty, but I think I got that right.

(Having the following fantasy...)

Dutchess Zencelt, of The Balcony Room, requests breakfast in bed at 11am, followed by a hot lava rock massage, then lunch on the Lido deck. Polish tiara (I get to wear one, right?) before the late seating dinner and be sure to place her at a table waited upon by a hot Romainian waiter. Yes, the one with the great ass and sparkley eyes.



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