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9:59 a.m. - 2003-06-09
Mud pits
My bum is soooo sore! Feels good though. Got on the mountain bike for the first time yesterday. 10 miles on the canal. Full of mud, snakes and turtles. I woke up a big black snake by running over him. Oops. Lucky I didn't get bitten. Of course, black snakes aren't poisonous. Sorry about the interrupted nap bud. Glad it was a snake and not a spider. I'm phobic about spiders.

So I feel as though I need one of those doughnuts to sit on. The seats on bikes are much like a really hard thong. Ouch!

My dog is broken again. She wouldn't eat dinner yesterday. Then she began limping after a pretty short walk. Poor thing. My stepdad has been taking her to the vet, and I wonder if maybe he isn't giving her some sort of meds prescribed, because he's a cheap bastard. I'm calling her today to see what her recommendation is. My baby can't walk around in pain.


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