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11:23 a.m. - 2003-07-21
If you want a good example of what a single 30-something does on her weekends, go read Sixweasels' last two entries. That pretty much sums it up. She refers to me as Steph. Pour on the pity ya'all. (Whoah, where did THAT ya'all come from?)

So, life has been somewhat boring for the most part. I've had a nasty bug for the last couple of weeks, and laid low until this weekend. Those of you who read Sixweasels' will also have found that our friends' lives have been in upheavel. For a change, these friends' are the ones I considered to lead rather boring, plain vanilla lives. A steady flow of minor life events and humdrum, but happy existences. If only I had a bandaid to make them all better.

But there were happy things too. There's the guy who's getting married to his college crush, and the baby to be -- who may be here by now come to think of it. These are good things that serve to warm my heart and give me hope for a happy future. Good things happen to good people too.

Me? Blah. Nothing on the horizon. Good or bad. Just "Can we do it?" boy, and way too much vodka. Its funny how boys think they can get me in the sack by getting me drunk. If only they knew ahead of time that vodka only makes me honest and loose-tongued. That's a small fortune they'd save. "Can we do it?" "NO!" say's Zencelt. "We can't do it, because your dick is too small." A good $50 down the drain for can we do it boy. I'm still laughing my ass off. One point for the single girl, zero (or negative 50) for the asswipe pig-dog whom we have affectionately named Beavis. Better luck next time babe. I hope she's even meaner than I am.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled buffet of Sully's friends...


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