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10:34 a.m. - 2003-07-22
A tribute from the senses
As I sit here in the endless gloom of that thing called a job, I ponder the things that make me happy. My friends, my dog, being outdoors on a crisp, sunny fall day with the leaves crackling under my shoes and wood fires filling the air with toasty, cozy scents, wind in my hair, getting on a plane or a boat to seek another foreign adventure, favorite movies that I watch over and over, men (nice ones who just think they're bad), long nights out being an idiot, a good haircut, a good self-esteem day where I feel super cool and sexy.

The list goes on and on. There are so many things that make me happy. So little, really, to complain about. The cruise is 9 months away and I think I can taste it. The salt air with whiffs of coconut suntan lotion, and baby sunscreen that has that weird candle wax smell. The sound of blenders, bad band music, and soft-spoken waiters who learned enough English to ask whether you want the chicken or fish, and maybe a little after midnight rendezvous. I feel the heat of the sun, the hard breeze on the decks, the wobbly feel of the gangplank underfoot, the wobbly feel of land after being on a boat for so long, and the butterflies in my stomach while waiting for my number to be called to board in the first place.

Today must be a sensory day. Everything is touch, taste, sound and feel. I'm feeling sentimental.

So on a day like today, I will do a small tribute to a friend of a friend who passed on yesterday. This is for you Callie-girl. You made someone happy too.


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