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4:30 p.m. - 2003-07-24
The Boys and the Top Ten
Gearing up for another weekend of asshole-mania. I'm hoping that more of the regulars will be up and about, because I miss The Boys so much. Its been a while since we've stumbled down a street together hand in hand. Pressing engagements, children and marketing gigs have kept us all away for far too long.

And please let there not be a "Can we do it?" boy. Please. Give me a break, huh? Thanks!

Time for a breakdown of Zencelt's weekend plan:

1. Don't be sexually assaulted by men with tiny dicks.

2. Do smile with newly whitened teeth that are tingling so hard they almost hurt.

3. Drink lots of water and remain hydrated throughout the weekend.

4. Make no mention of the Buddah belly and eat less bad foods instead.

5. Don't walk up to innocent men and say "Wan't to have it."

6. Exercise at least one day.

7. Spend extra Auntie Zencelt time with the weasles.

8. Reconnect with sailor friend and listen to "tales from the sea".

9. Meet new baby. Make it laugh. They all laugh at me. Its like they know what's up with my love life and find it hysterical.

10. Do deep breathing exercises.


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