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10:23 a.m. - 2003-07-28
Providing unscheduled entertainment
Pirates are cool. (This is where you hear Zencelt doing a bad imitation of Beavis.)

We sat together, Sixweasels, MrWeasel and I in a quiet theatre awaiting the start of the matinee. I required sugar and bought a big box of Sour Squirmies. The short, worm-like candies that wiggle and sport protruding heads on each end made for a giggle fest as you might suspect.

"Hey, it has a head."

"Head, heh, heh."


"Awe, look how little...doh, there it goes...gone limp."

"Heh, that looks like Do It Boy's weiner."

"Uh, no. (Taking a rather large bite.) THIS looks like Do It Boy's Weiner."

"Wanna blow it?"

"Floss my teeth with it."




"So, are we gonna do it?"

This went on and on. The theatre had filled in with movie goers and we hadn't noticed a thing beyond our impromptu dialogue. I had said something rude about about a blow job when the awareness snapped. I had an audience. And they were staring slightly slack jawed. Thank goodness for loud distracting trailers.

So, the assholery continues unabated outside the confines of booze and bars. And you know what? ITS FUN BEING AN ASSHOLE! Woo hoo!

On another subject. I'm going to see American Idols Live tonight. So, I'm not The Complete Asshole. I don't go strictly by the book. I am also big nerd.

Hope you're jealous. (Hanging my head in shame.)


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