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2:28 p.m. - 2003-07-31
All I ever wanted to do is pump gas
Well, I stayed up way too late last night reading Harry Potter and am feeling the effects. I'm not tired, but I do want to go home and continue reading until the book is all done. Harry Potter is an addictive little shit. Oh, and by the way -- I'm in love with Ron Weasley. I want Ron Weasley to be my boyfriend. Oh... OK. Son. Way too old ya hag! But isn't he the cutest?

Speaking of boys - I don't get to play with any this weekend. I'm heading off to NY for my godfather's birthday party. Its cool - but I'm jealous because my sailor-girl buddies are coming out to play and I'm going to miss out on the fun. Spoiled brat I am. No one is allowed to have fun unless I'm having fun.

I hope The Boys are in top form so the sailor-girls will get a good show. Free entertainment. Much like watching Porkies or Animal House - but in person! If nothing else, Sully's ass will provide ample fodder for war stories next week.

So, I met the new boss yesterday. She's a hoot. The first thing she said to me was, "I can tell from meeting you that you command attention when you enter a room." Hmmmm. Because I look like a freak? I smell? My ever expanding ass can hardly fit through the door? OK, the last comment was mean and untrue. But, really, what exactly did that mean?


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