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9:40 a.m. - 2003-08-18
My life is a country song.
My Karma is in a state of panick. I did something to upset it and now it is throwing shit in my face in an uncontrolled manner and I think I need some sort of witchy lady to make it all better again. Balance my chakras, cleanse my aura, go to confession, anything I missed?

So, I leave hell week behind me to have a soothing weekend with friends. And I thoroughly traumatize my bar friends AND The Boys (an unimaginable feat). For detail, please read Sixweasels' entry from Saturday. I couldn't describe the debauchery any better. Really.

Then, I get traumatized back by one of The Boys the next night and follow Sully bravely into an intervention. Silly Boys. Again, Sixweasels has captured the moment so beautifully, and I really don't have the heart to repeat it.

Because, you see, it only got worse. I went to get my ticket to Wyoming Sunday, stood in line for over an hour, only to be told that my reservation was gone. I was 24 hours late for payment. Even though the phone reservation lady said I had 48 hours, I apparently only had 24. So I say to the ticket counter lady, please re-reserve. Only this time, it will cost 600 or so extra dollars! No thank you. I'll try again later.

So, trauma all around AND no vacation. But it didn't end there. Here's the clincher =>

I come home to a message that my step-dad has had a heart attack. He's in the hospital. He seems to be stable, but they are doing all sorts of invasive tests to find the source. I think I'll know more by late afternoon.

So this means that I have to move back home, very temporarily I hope, leaving the apartment that I've come to love and need to take care of Mom and the dog. Both are high maintenance, and phobic of storms, which we are having plenty of. In addition, Mom's scared to death to stay alone in the house at night. So, I think I'll make the sacrifice. I guess I should be happy that I'm wanted and needed. Plus I'll get lots of puppy time.

But for now, I'm just ready to get off this stinkin' ride and go home. Because work is not letting up. Projects, projects, projects. Meetings, meetings, meetings.

Poop. That's all I have to say. Its all I have the energy for.


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