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11:08 a.m. - 2003-08-25
Incestuous relationships...
I spent the day yesterday unpacking a friend's new house and was pleasantly surprised to see that an old friend of ours was there as well. This is a woman I call my Italian friend, because though she is not Italian, she lived in Italy for three years while her hubby was in the military.

My Italian friend has always been one to give me a fresh perspective on my life when my head has gotten so far up my ass I've lost sight of reality. This has been the case recently. Particularly in reference to my hysterical love life.

She had two questions for me. Her: "So, Zencelt, who have you been playing with recently?" ME: "Oh, you know, just H and T. Nothing much out there. Same ole same ole." Her: "So, are either of these men with whom you've been playing with for years becoming something serious?" Me: "Yeah, right. As if!"

She then went on to explain to me that these relationships are incestuous. Not in a blood relation kind of way. Just that they are men who are in my inner circle and are SAFE. Do you believe it, SAFE? Zencelt not brave, not adventurous, but playing it SAFE?

Hmm. She asks me, "Zencelt, when you go out with these men and your group, do they hover over you, or do they encourage you to go out and chat up OTHER men?"

ME: "Hmm, you know, I never thought about that. T and I do kind of have an after midnight rule. If neither hook-up, then after midnight we get to cuddle and look cute." Her: "Look cute to whom? You know when you go out with boys and hang all over them, other boys assume you are with the boys you came in with, right?"

Me, becoming more pitiful, "... but its not that way! Just because I hug and squeeze and kiss my boys doesn't mean I want them! Its just me being warm and fuzzy. My boys are cute!"

She clears her throat and raises her eyebrows. "You need to get out and meet boys who are not within your inner circle. You have to be brave and put yourself out on the line. STOP BEING A BIG SISSY!"

Then I start whining, "But, but, but, my friends tell me I'm cute until I open my mouth and start sounding intelligent. So, I can't meet OTHER boys unless I keep my mouth shut. I can't keep my mouth shut. So, I can't meet OTHER boys. It happens all the time. Cute boy looks, cute boy comes up to talk, cute boy runs away. I need cute boys to play with, so I paw my friends. So there! Take that!"

Shaking her head and sighing.

"I said, stop being a sissy! Going out with friends is OK, but sometimes you just have to go outside your safety zone and make an effort to meet OTHER men."

God, its sounds like aliens. The OTHERS... Creepy.

So, I am a victim of inner circle incest. Victim I tell you! Heh, heh. I guess I have a few more things to add to my weekend list this week.


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