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9:27 a.m. - 2003-08-27
Keeping to the plan.
Since I'm off tomorrow, and will be doing very interesting things, this is going to be my pre-emptive strike at a weekend list.

Here goes:

1. Meet attractive, nice, fun boy and like him.

2. Do not compare new boy to old boys and find him lacking in asshole qualities.

3. Ignore the existance of old boys if new boys are in the vicinity.

4. Contemplate the meaning of life whilst floating in the pool at Sixweasel's parental home. This while watching The Boys move the weasel sis back home. All the while laughing my ass off at them.

5. Drink lots of water and eat good for me food.

6. Go to the oriental supermarket with Mr. Weasel (still didn't go!).

7. Spend quality time with the puppy Sunday and make a big batch of soup.

8. Find quilting bag and continue to work on the top squares.

9. Exercise.

10. Admire my newly redecorated apartment. Its lovely.


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