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11:18 a.m. - 2003-09-26
What can a Zencelt get into this weekend? She needs a bit of a break from the high-stress, getting stomped upon like a bug existance called work. It has gotten better though, several smack-downs were laid and all is right with the world.

There is nothing work-related that a little knowledge and a lot of logic won't take care of. It was the knowledge part that was kicking my ass, but I'm getting it under my belt now. I'm also making a lot of really big, mean friends. Homeys never hurt the cause.

So, I will relax tonight, and see "Under the Tuscan Sun" at the movies. I loved the book, and am excited about seeing it on film. And there's the Italian waiters...

Tomorrow starts off with a well deserved hour massage with good smelly essential oils. Then its off to B-town for the big H party. It should be a very good time.

Then, off to Virginia Sunday for a kiddie birthday party with Greek food. These people know how to throw a good outdoor festival. The kid is pretty cool too. Not a brat.

No weekend list this week. I'm leaving it up to the gods.


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