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9:37 a.m. - 2003-10-06
Boys, boys, delectable boys.
I got to play with a new boy this weekend! Nothing too exciting... meaning he's WAY to bossy and opinionated for my taste. He even had the nerve to "order" me to let my hair grow out. Apparently the loud, marine drill seargent of a New Yorker does not appreciate the modern piecy look. Can you believe it? Tell Zencelt she didn't look as good as she could? Egocentric Bastard! Friend of Sully's by the way.

But he was cute in that bald intimidating way, and was pretty sweet about me cutting off our "steaming up the windows of his truck at 4 AM makeout session" because I had to barf. Which leads me to... I cannot drink anymore. I was a good girl and had much less alcohol than usual -- a pretty tame amount -- and still got the early morning barfs. My system must be getting touchy.

But making out in a car at 4 AM! I feel pretty damn cool! Not bad for a 30 something, huh?

Oh, but I cannot fail to mention the real prize of the evening. Sully outdid himself in the eye candy category. Such a sweet boy is Sully. You should have seen the beautiful man be brought Sixweasels and I. It was like Christmas. Six feet seven inches of big, slightly ugly man complete with outstanding ass and super personality. Married. But great eye candy for the girls! He is welcome any time.

The other, well, I might play with him again because he is cute, and has great muscles covered with the requisite amount of chubbiness. A little on the short side, but the intimidation factor sort of makes up for it.

But I have to admit, I had to play stupid to catch his interest. When he figures out I have a brain and am not afraid to use it, I think we'll clash in an ugly way. But I'll play with him for now. And he will be grateful damnit!!!!

Heh, heh!


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