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1:09 p.m. - 2003-10-08
Flowers for the lady?
So, your friendly neighborhood Zencelt got flowers from a secret admirer, laid on her doorstep Monday afternoon sometime. No card, no phone message, no nuthin.

No probable suspects either. Not even the dude from last weekend, considering he lives about 2 or more hours from here and has no way of knowing my address that I know of. And he doesn't strike me as the romantic type.

So who could it be???

Maybe its the crazy laundry room dude. The one who hangs out in the second floor laundry room, with no laundry! AND he lives on the first floor.

Maybe its the thin, pretty boy next door. But no, I am definately convinced he is gay. I mean he's the one who kicked his girlfriend out of his apartment, leaving her sobbing outside his door in the middle of the night, then broke up with her after she farted on him. Gay, right?

Probably not the car dealer who I tried to get to ask me out. He would be more forthright. Plus he would have had to have gotten my addy from my Mom and she can't hide anything.

So, who could it be?

The saga continues...


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