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11:29 a.m. - 2003-10-13
Flowers and hillbillies
Flower update:

I got a email in my junk folder that was entitled Flowers. It was from a man I don't know. I accidentally deleted it, so I have no idea whether it was personal, or just another spammer with a coincidental title. Weird!

FYI - to all you boys out there, never give a girl flowers without a note, follow-up chat, something. It makes her super paranoid!

On the weekend front, there were glasses of wine, hillbillies, and rooster men. Well, not men, but there was one man, about 6 feet tall, huge beer belly, spindly legs, and a blonde head with an orange mohawk down the middle. He squidged Sixweasels and I. Lovely as we were with our just woke up in a cabin hair and running down the face make-up. Ya just never know!

Yesterday was great. I went to a state park near the C&O canal to do some touring of a cool fort, complete with period dressed interpretors, and a long walk on the toe path. My friends' six month old girl and I flirted with some "soldiers" who showed off their black powder muscats (sp?) and serenaded us with Greensleeves. The girl has to learn, doesn't she? Best that she learn from a pro. (Not that kind of pro you filthy buggers!)

All in all, I feel fresh as a breeze. Aired off. Lots of time outdoors does that. Like hanging out laundry.


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