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10:32 a.m. - 2003-10-15
Testosterone Addiction
I was feeling a bit heartsick yesterday for Sixweasels, Mr. Weasel and the animals living in their abode. So I rented a great movie that both my pup and I would enjoy watching, since the folks are out of town and we didn't have to cater to their taste.

The pup and I love Vin Diesel. We watched Fast and Furious and became instant fans. She's a girl, by the way, and we share an interest in hot young men. She's not so much into the older ones as I am, but we both think Vin is as hot as an Alabama August.

It was soothing, in that mindless, distracting sort of way. "A Man Apart" is one of those movies that doesn't twist, or turn, and is entirely predictable. But plot is decent and it is a good Vin movie. I think I like it best of the four I've watched. XXX was OK, Pitch Black was pretty good, I loved F&F and I'm IN love with A Man Apart. I haven't seen Boiler Room yet, but its on the list. Oh, yeah, I forgot Knock Around Guys. It was decent too. I love gangster movies.

I've come to realize that I have more than one addiction. There's food, travel and one more. I'm a testosterone junkie. I'm drawn to tough guys with hot tempers and cool attitudes like a moth to the flame.

Once in a while I need sweet romance, like Pride and Prejudice, You've Got Mail or Little Women. But mostly, I want big ugly men with attitudes smashing it up on screen. That's why I love ice hockey so much. Its not the game, or the skills. Its the fights.

Hello, my name is Zencelt, and I'm a testosteroholic.


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