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8:49 a.m. - 2003-10-16
Mayonnaise and Cheese
I do not like mayonnaise and cheese. No mayonnaise and cheese please! No, I want the egg, the bacon and NO CHEESE! Just give me the freakin McGriddle WITH the bacon, WITH the egg, and NOOOO FREAKIN CHEEEESE!!!!

That was my morning drive thru experience. I go through this every time I order a sandwich. No matter where or from whom. I order a turkey sub without mayo or cheese and I get a turkey sub with mayo AND cheese.

I get grilled like a terror suspect. Its like " want extra mayo?" "are you sure you don't want cheese?" "let me get my manager -- I don't think we make a sandwich without mayo or cheese" "we'll have to charge you extra for the cheese"

And those convenience stores, where you have to push the button for every ingredient on your sandwich? IF I DON'T PUSH THE BUTTON FOR MAYONNAISE, IT MEANS I DON'T WANT MAYONNAISE! It does not mean that I forgot and need the sandwich fairy to make a high-handed decision for me.

We live in a society which has made the omission of mayonnaise and cheese a cardinal sin. To ask for a sandwich without these two precious and necessary, mind you, ingredients sends wait staff and clerks into a tail spin.

Nough said. I feel better about my seven minute ordering fiasco for one stinkin sandwich now.

On another note, I'm going to a corn maze this afternoon with my work troops. Our VP has decided that we need to be fed and have fun this afternoon. I'm not complaining...but Zencelt, in a corn maze, with the weird people she works with for two hours? At least I have my two favorite people on my team. And one of them is about 6'7" so he can look OVER the corn to find the path. Otherwise, I have no doubt that I would be the one to send up a flair at dusk (originally typoed as dick) for someone to come save me. Dicks on the brain? Yeah. But not the good kind in this case, but the ones I work with.

So, think of me today. Stuck in a corn field. Watching the pumpkins being shot out of a cannon. (That part might be worth the trip.)



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