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8:44 a.m. - 2003-10-17
Corn, mud and spiders.
I'm no orienteer. My team lost in a most loser like fashion. We even cheated three different ways.

This corn maze was set-up with maps -- which we didn't read. There were three different mazes. A scarecrow, a pumpkin and a turkey. In each maze, there were sign posts (not well marked!) with flags and hole punches. Each hole punch was a different shape.

We headed for the pumpkin first, got lost, thought we were in the turkey, and found out from a lady with four kids that we were in the scarecrow's head. We found two sign-posts by chance when we went through the corn to get to a different trail - against the rules.

We met up with the lady again and tried to buy one of her kids' maps which was full of punches. He didn't go for it. So we asked the lady if we could follow behind her so we could get more punches and finally get out of the stinking maze. After a good laugh at our expense, she offered to be our guide.

So we left the maze, minus three punches, and utterly exhausted. Losers in the worst sense. All the while, hearing the hoots and hollars of the other team each time they found a sign post.

So, the lesson learned is, read the directions before entering the maze and getting hopelessly lost. Don't take your finger off the map, and DO NOT go into the maze if you have a spider phobia. We lost any number of opportunities to get to flags because Zencelt saw a spider and wouldn't go forward.

Oh, and the corn is about 8-9 feet tall, so having the tallest guy in the department doesn't help a bit.


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