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10:27 a.m. - 2003-10-31
Halloween Day
I feel like a goof today. Its Halloween and I need to be doing the opposite of work. So I might. I'm still feeling the power of a good ass kicking and think that messing with people may be the order of the day.

I went home last night, after stopping by a friend's house to pick up a costume prop, and made the best spinich dip ever for tonight's party. I modified a recipe from a Danish website that offered the recipe as a Father's Day treat for Dad. It recommended making it a day ahead of time so the lady would have time to "pamper" herself for her man. Hmmm. There won't be any pampering tonight. In fact, I'm dressing up as a man, so I have to make myself look extra ugly. But it made the apartment smell delicious. I have to admit, I kick ass in the kitchen too.

Tonight is rotelli with burgundy marinara, sauteed zuccini and a big salad for dinner. There will be tons of trick or treaters during dinner, so we'll be switching off on door duty. Having spoken to a few of my co-workers though, I think I underestimated on the amount of candy I purchased. So I'm running off to get more during my lunch break.

Gotta go!


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