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9:53 a.m. - 2003-11-04
Average Joes How I love Them
This entry has a spoiler for "Average Joe", so if you taped it -- don't read this one yet.

I have found a reality TV show that I love. I was up late last night after having realized that I had no pants to wear for today and desperately needed to do laundry. I wandered around TV world, watched the last hour of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, then landed on "Average Joe".

If you didn't watch it, its worth a gander. The story is, there's a gorgeous woman who was stupid enough to tell the producers that personality is more important to her than looks. They took her at her word. She was expecting hot men with great personalities to come tromping out of the limo and compete for her affection.

Boy was she wrong! What she got was a busload of geeks, pimply faced goons, big, ugly scary looking men and a few odd average Joe types. You should have seen the look on her face when the first one walked up to her! Total disbelief and horror. Then the extra large man of the group walked off the bus and she nearly had a heart attack! She was very close to tears.

The looks that crossed her face were priceless. She was in complete shock! It was so freaking funny! Each one of the men walked into the gathering room gushing about how perfect she was, and how she definately liked him!

You folks know my taste by now and will probably guess that I found a few "Average Joes" to my liking. The bug ugly ones, of course. She kicked one of them off already, so I'm pretty pissed. But, I am going to sacrifice sleep to watch it from 10-11 each Monday to see if she lets any of them kiss her. She was completely repulsed.

Other than that, Stella reminded me that I told my friend I would let her know if I wanted to go out on a blind date with a 26 year old co-worker of hers. It kinda gives me the willies, him being so young. But I have nothing better to do at the moment. The only scary thing is he's in the same town as me. If it turns ugly, I might see him around on occasion. That's why I don't like to date locally.

Break out of the box Zencelt!!!


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