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9:28 a.m. - 2003-11-07
Friends and hearts.
If I had a million dollars it would not be enough to heal a friend's heart, soul and mind. There is nothing in the world to speed the process of healing from layer upon layer of shock, trauma and grief suffered by Sixweasels this year.

I remember a night in January. Six and I were sitting in Denny's around midnight shortly after the new year. We both had a feeling. Like, something big was going to happen. It felt positive at the time, and I guess several good things did happen. But none of those things seem to compare to the butt load of shit that's been dumped repeatedly upon Six's shoulders and heart right now.

She lost another dear friend yesterday. She wanted him to live so badly. He was a younger guy, with a great personality and a zest for tormenting his fellow weasels during "play time". She and Mr. Weasel sacrificed months of good food and entertainment, like good parents do, to get him surgery that had a chance of healing him.

It didn't work out though. And their hearts are breaking over it. This is the third little friend they have lost this year.

So, in your thoughts and prayers today, please remember the matron of Weasel World and her family. They need lots of love and support. Its all we can give. I wish it were more.

Take care Sixweasels. We love you!


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