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12:40 p.m. - 2003-11-13
Krishna, coffee and boats. Always boats.
I am sitting here at my desk, drinking my Buttered Rum soy cafe au lait, and listening to a Wai Lanna Yoga CD. I feel so melted and buttery. Inside from the coffee and outside from the CD. I can't understand a word the lady is singing, but I get the distinct impression that the word Krishna is interspersed throughout. Do you think I could be getting programmed? If you see me walking about in a burnt orange robe and sportin' a bald head with a little tail sticking off of it, put me into a deprogramming program. Hey, do you think when you're being deprogrammed, you're really being programmed all over again? Thus never getting your true personality back? Things to ponder...

I wish I were on a cruise today. We got our first snow. It was brief, and didn't accumulate to anything, but it was snow. And I love snow and cold weather. But I want the inner peace and anticipation that each day on a cruise brings to me. Each day is full with possibilities yet to be explored and people to meet -- or avoid.

I want to sit on the back deck with my buddies and the officers and stare at the ocean as we leave it behind us. That's what I want. Time to meditate. Time to figure things out gently and gradually. Inspiration. Fuel for creativity and adventure.

I've been sleeping well this week. Dreaming strange, but not disturbing dreams. I've been on a boat sailing the seas at least once a night. I have several distinct dreams throughout a slumber. Usually three to five. I remember them all. I like the boat dreams. They are comforting.

I hope I have another one tonight. And I wish peaceful sleep to all my friends who are suffering pain and hurt from friends and foes. Even if its only for a night. To have peace for one night seems worth so much right now when so many friends are being beaten down unrightiously by internal and external causes. So I wish you all peace. And sweet dreams tonight.


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