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3:29 p.m. - 2003-11-17
Boys, boys, boys. Real ones.
The weekend was full of new discoveries. It all started when Sixweasels and I met up with Batten and a friend of hers from A-town on Friday. We had a great time. I was drinking a new dring with Cranberry juice, vodka and Peach Schnapps which I later found out was a Woo Woo. How appropriate.

Yeah, great until the CIA dude (who in actuality drove a tractor or something for 30 years)chose to attack Jenn's friend. The friend was told to "listen to the words, listen to the words..." We are not sure what exactly what that meant, but I gave said CIA man the evil eye and he went away.

Some initiation, huh? First the D-land girls almost see blood, then the Jenn-friend catches the attention of some crazy old man screaming, "listen to the words!"

All and sundry enjoyed their experiences thoroughly though. Six and I like to call the freaks that inhabit The Bar "entertainment." And we've been tossing up the idea of quitting our jobs and selling tickets for the priveledge.

OK, maybe not, but it is an idea.

Then Saturday we went out to a weird lunch where I was served chicken with a squidge of creamed spinich and a ton of yellow gravy under the secret code name Pollo Florentine. The description read something like, "two boneless chicken breasts sauteed in a delicate white wine and butter sauce atop a bed of spinich." No. Not even close. Only in B-town.

Then Six and I dumped off her husband and headed to the mega chick flick of the season -- Master and Commander. We were in the mood for boats and looking at cute men's asses. But, alas, we were too late. It was sold out for the 4:10 matinee. WTF? Foiled.

So I left B-town and went home a little less happy than if I had seen Russell Crowe in tight pants.

Sunday was an obligatory trip to Pennsylvania to visit the son and daughter-in-law of some really putrid friends of my step-dad's. These people are OK, but the guy is a little too big for his britches, and the girl is rather weird. I think the weird girl should beat his ass into submission to get him off his high horse.

By the way, they served a "Weight Watcher friendly" meal of cheese ball and crackers, creamy cheese casserole, chicken "fried" in butter and cheesecake. What planet to they live on?

Anyway, the plan was to have lunch then take a tour of a large town nearby which I've been wanting to see for a while. But they invited some other friends last minute so our plans changed to dinner with a larger party. It was too late to turn back, so on I went.

As it turned out, the friends were awesome! We really hit it off, and I enjoyed the conversation immensely. We drank some very good wine as well. Maybe that helped?

This couple was also impressed, and decided to fix me up with the girl's cousin from Hershey. Hmmm, chocolate dipped man anyone?

So that makes three, because Six said she might have someone interesting too. Then there's the local guy my friend A has been talking about.

So maybe, just maybe, I will have a "real" date by the end of the year.

Maybe miracles happen off 34th street too. Sort of like Off-Broadway.


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