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2:31 p.m. - 2003-11-22
The ones that got away.
Mardis Gras Mike of Sixweasels diary fame has exceeded himself once again. He is in love and playing the jilted lover. With Me!

Note to all:

If your biohazard rating makes the earth on Three Mile Island look as harmless as Martha Stewart's African Violet potting soil - you don't have a chance in hell. No amount of time or seranading with "I Will Survive" will help your cause. You failed, you fluncked, you missed the boat.

Eeewww. Some men are much more attractive fully clothed, and at a distance - ya know what I mean?

OH! And I saw Six's serial killer! At first it was like OH BABY! Then I thought, hey, that looks like Pam's serial killer. And I was right. Cold shivers down the spine.

Then a man named after fart medicine gave me a little dating advice. (I'll leave that to your imaginations.)

Then a 70 something horney devil tried to pick me up, to the great amusement of his biker friend.

Then... I think that was it. Just another evening at The BAR.

Tonight Six and I are going to visit friends who had a baby a few months ago and we are bringing lasagna ala Mr. Weasel.

Addictive shit.

Not Mr. Weasel, the lasagna.

The rest of the evening is up in the air, but there is a good chance that we will be out and about with The Boys. I haven't seen them in a while so it will be good to have some quality time.

Which reminds me. I just watched Beautiful Girls this afternoon and they actually did make a movie after The Boys. Hot damn. Who knew? The only one they missed was Sully. Maybe a little too controversial for the mass public.

That's our boy!


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