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4:34 p.m. - 2003-11-25
Flying weanies.
I'm pissed! The first Saturday in December is the day of the biggest penis party in B-more hosted at The Bar and I'm going to miss it. I made plans months ago to go to New York to visit my god-father. Which is nice. But its no penis party.

A penis party, by the way, is one of those home sales parties where dildos, sexy lotions and potions and lingere are peddled.

The girls are going to see the flying weanies afterwards too! I'm no fan of gay weanie, but it should be a riot!

The flying weanies, by the way, are a group of men who perform strip routines in a bar somewhere in Maryland or Virginia or something.... They aren't really called the flying weanies, but that's what we like to call them because the guys apparently swing their penises over the heads of the women in the front row.

Some day I need to publish a dictionary for Zencelt/Sixweasels-ese.

I am starting to get ready to host Turkey Day at my apartment Thursday. the place needs a good scrubbing. I've forgotten to dust for the last few months and just noticed the build-up last night. Eeew! Its so un-Martha of me.

Un-Martha, by the way, means unlike Martha Stewart who every woman strives to identify with.


In about two hours I begin a mini vacation from work until Dec. 1. I'll be grinding my teeth until I leave this building.

Yippee! Freedom!


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