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9:09 p.m. - 2003-11-27
What its all about.
The turkey was a success, much thanks to Alton Brown. The day was a success. My sister in law was not a bitch, we all ate to much, and everyone enjoyed the traditional viewing of a Christmas Story and even more traditional napping. I am quite proud of my new found entertaining skills.

I feel like a real adult having hosted a major holiday at my home.

They're all gone now. The apartment is empty and shows the signs of a party. The dog is next door barking because he is lonely. He's been alone for hours. He's always alone. The man next door keeps hours like mine. Away most of the time working or moving about in social circles. I want to cut a hole in the wall that divides our apartments so he can come over for company when I'm here and his master is away. I wonder if he poops on paper or something because I rarely see the man take him out. Pretty big dog too.

Last night set the tone for a wonderful holiday. I went to see Love Actually. It finally arrived in this cow-town I live in. And it was, well, lovely. I think I fell in love with it. Liam Neeson was sooo attractive. He's hasn't looked better since Rob Roy and there was some rekindling of my lapsed crush. If you haven't seen it, please do. It'll make you a better person.

My scalp is itching because I died my hair this morning. It was red and now it is brown with a reddish tint. I wanted the red gone completely, but I guess I'll live with it. It looks nice really.

Did you hear that the president visited the troops today for Thanksgiving? I cried when I heard about it. I can't imagine how affirming and gratifying it must have been for those serving in Iraq to share a meal with their Commander in Chief. There are none more deserving than the men and women who surrender their freedom in order to protect mine, I think. Marketing ploy or not, I have a bit more respect for the man who runs our country today.

I hope everyone over there has a friend to hang out with. To eat with and talk about family and home. It would be tough to be away from home, scared of bombs and guns, and not have a friend. More than tough. That what makes them special though. The committment means something to them. Everything.

So, if there are any troops out there reading, thank you. Be safe. Come home soon.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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