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9:58 a.m. - 2003-12-02
Six's accomplishment.
My friend Sixweasels has finished her novel. And I don't know what to say. I didn't write it, but I feel so close to the process of writing it that its like an adopted child. I feel like a proud grandparent or something. I want to hold it and show it off to the world and say -- "Hey everyone! My friend wrote this, and she kicks ass!"

Six is the most creative, talented person I know. I think that's partialy why we've stayed close all these years. We have a respect and esteem for eachother that transcends the jealousy and competition that ruin so many friendships when one friend becomes uber-successful. Which she will. And it makes me so dang proud to call her my friend.

In fact, a great number of my buddies are talented and creative. I surround myself with these intelligent men and women who inspire me. That make me want more out of myself. Although I may not aspire to the same things, I would love to have something to call my own, so I can say - "I made this! And it rocks!"

I will someday, when I figure it all out and become the bigger, better version of myself that I aspire to be. But for now, it is very satisfying to have a friend who has written a whole novel. An idea I can barely touch with my mind. An inspiration.

Congratulations Six!


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