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9:26 a.m. - 2003-12-04
Slight grumblings about dollars.
If I had a million dollars....

I listened to the Bare Naked Ladies this morning on the radio. If I had a million dollars. Hmmm.

I'd quit my job like lightening, and go to work for LUSH in D.C. which will be opening soon. I could go minimum wage if I had a million. And have a fun, good smelling job to boot.

I'd pay off my debt and buy a big house as a crash pad for all and sundry in my life.

I'd make sure my friends and family had a nice nest egg on top of having their debts paid off.

I"d give money to my favorite charities that actually do something with it.

I'd buy a new car, because mine is beginning its downward decline into old cardom.

I'd invest in several ways. One would be a savings account for travel. One for retirement.

I'd be happier because, although money doesn't buy everything, if no other circumstances change, I wouldn't have to put up with corporate work shit.

I don't have a million dollars though. So I will learn to be a better payer offer of college debt, and a less traumatized corporate worker. And then, one day, I will find a job that makes leaving behind 4 weeks of vacation, a good salary, convenient location and bonuses worth it. The sooner the better. But I'll make this work for the meantime.


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