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12:25 p.m. - 2003-12-04
A new little friend.
Entry number two today.

I just went out to buy a Salvation Army kid a pair of shoes and a coat. The coat was a no go because the only ones I found were flashy, designer labels. I thought it best not to go for one of those lest the kid is loyal to another or would be teased in school for wearing the wrong one. So I will opt for a nice, neutral Old Navy or Gap coat in neutral blue.

I found the most wonderful pair of little 2 1/2 Timberland boots though. Waterproof, tan hide, all around boots with a lower ankle so they can be worn year round by the intrepid 7 year old. For as long as they still fit. I hope they sized up by 1/2 when they gave us the measurements. I'd hate for the kid to grow out of his boots halfway through winter when the Christmas frenzy to do charity is gone.

Then I thought, I'm buying these Timberlands at a Marshall's, where I can afford them, and they are perfect, but no box. Will he feel like a second rate citizen when he gets boots with no box? It worried me. But I bought them anyway, because I would have purchased a lesser quality boot if I had not found these. And I know how hard kids are on shoes. So, I'm hoping he's like any other seven year old and throws the articles of clothing over his head to get to the toys and doesn't notice.

Though he won't know it, I am going to spray the boots with waterproofing, stain resistant stuff to ensure they won't get crapped up by snow and slush.

I want him to be warm and dry during this winter that promises to be a harshly cold wet one.

Its funny how close you get to people you do charity for. I have no idea who the kid is, what his family situation is, whether he has one or not. But he's my kid this year, and I'm in charge of his shoes and coat this year.

I hope in some way this kid is touched by all the goodness in the world and makes it out of school alive and well. Its tough enough with worldly goods, enough food, a family that supports you and a home. Without any of that, it must be nearly impossible.

So, Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Kwanzaa early little friend. We'll never know eachother, but you've made a lasting impression on me. I hope you like the shoes.

Good luck.


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