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1:25 p.m. - 2003-12-09
The State of the Zencelt.
The State of the Zencelt.

Its surprising how affected I feel by the death of a man I disliked. I still feel in shock in some ways. Work is therapy, as was Average Joe last night. Things that are equally as unimportant in the wide scheme of things. Things that take me away to a world without real feelings.

I shopped more for the kid today. Nobody else offered to get him pants, shirts or sweaters. So I got him jeans with zip off legs and a cool grey sweater with red and yellow stripes down the arms.

It felt good. Caring for little kids makes you all warm inside.

Oh, back to Average Joe. I'm glad the bitch picked the pretty boy. I want Adam for myself. He was my first pick anyway. Besides, Jason will one day let it rip that he preferred Adam to Marlena. Mark my words. He didn't look too psyched on the Today Show this morning. Scared is more the word. Scared of the beaming woman beside him.

Maybe we'll see him on Queer Guy for the Straight Guy as the decorating guru. It definately won't be hair or clothes. Did you see that tie last night?


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