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4:29 p.m. - 2003-12-31
The dying and the living.
Aw God. I neglect D-land while I'm on vacation and the sky falls. Poor Sixweasels has suffered yet another pet loss, this time a very dear one. You love all your pets, but sometimes the bond created with one special pet becomes a bit stronger and more dear than others. This was the case with Weaz.

Tragedy never falls far from Six. Especially around the holidays it seems. I'm glad that Weaz is with his brothers and sisters, free from pain and weakness and full of that weasel peppiness. But, all loved ones leave behind a flood of memories that mark their places in our lives. Memories that warm us and leave us cold at the same time.

So, keep our dear girl in your thoughts and hearts. What a hell of a way to end a hell of a year.

I have been hibernating a bit on vacation. Thinking a lot and shaking off a lot of dust. Old emotions become a burdon after a while. We carry them in a satchel over our shoulders as if they were our only possessions. They blind us from seeing the truth. They keep clarity at a distance. They bog us down in a mire that teaches us to stay down, with our eyes to the earth, and our ears shut to encouraging words.

This year, my resolution is to find clarity in my thoughts, and truth within my heart. Old emotions will be remembered, but no longer carried on my shoulders. The blinders will be off and my ears will be open. Life will begin anew with each day. I will rejoice in life, in friends, in family and in opportunity. I will truely experience life. Let it sink in. Feel the depths of it.

I will live.


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