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9:09 a.m. - 2004-01-07
Overdone gifts.
A friend of mine at work left a Christmas present on my desk. Its a huge Designer fragrance gift set. It must have cost at least 50 dollars.

We have never exchanged gifts before. I was a bit shocked by the enormity of it. And a bit lacking of a gift to return. It is probably a re-gift, but still. I guess I'll take her out to lunch today in thanks.

I spent the night at my Mom's house last night because it was too darn cold to venture out in the late hours of the evening. I opened the door and my nostrils froze. I slept poorly. I do so miss the good sleep I've been getting at my apartment this week. I'm sleeping in my own bed tonight come hell or high water.

I woke up this morning craving Sully's crab soup. He packed some up for me and sent me home Saturday to feast on his creation. It rocked. The man is amazing. Maybe he'll be bored this weekend and make me some nice chicken soup. (Sending soup vibes his way.)

I'll have to think of a good soup place for lunch today. Its hard to find good soup around here that isn't beef. Beef vegetable is the order of the day. Maybe with the mad cow scare, more restaurants will lean toward chicken and vegetarian fare. One can only hope.


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