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9:42 a.m. - 2004-01-14
A pup is a joy for life.
I haven't been too cold this winter. Maybe my hands and feet at times, but in general its doesn't feel as cold as it is. I love this weather. I get bundled up and go on hikes. Or walks as the case may be, because nobody else is crazy enough to go hiking with me. And we all know its a bad idea to go hiking alone.

Puppy is enjoying the weather too. She spends most of the time she is not sleeping or playing with me outside. Its Samoyed weather. She is itching for more snow. I can't imagine its good for the arthritis, but she seems to be happy. I remember a blizzard when she was a real puppy. There were three feet of snow on the ground, and you couldn't see anything but her black nose poking out above the drifts. She made a little igloo for herself with a tunnel leading to the house.

I was at my Mom's for dinner last night. Pup lays in front of me when I'm there. As if to block me in. Its sweet. Then she'll look up at me with such adoration. Absense makes the heart grow fonder. I love the little scrapper.


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