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5:06 p.m. - 2004-01-15
A story of decline.
My great aunt called from Manhattan. My godfather and his roommate/boyfriend of over 30 years are headed quickly into a decline that is becoming threatening.

We all knew something was happening. They have been alcoholics for years. My GF had become reclusive, stopped showering, wore filthy clothes to his own birthday party several months ago. Their beautiful apartment has become so filthy with cat feces, grease an inch thick in the kitchen and a bathroom with broken plumbing -- that even the plumber refused to do work.

My aunt is afraid for them, but they refuse help of any kind. Nobody is allowed to clean, cook for them or run errands. She has called several agencies, but there is no help. She is convinced that my GF has Alzheimers - and I would agree. This is the once meticulous care taker of the family. The rock that all his family leaned on for support and guidance. He is living no better than a homeless street person now.

It upsets me, but there's not much I can do from down here. I am going to recommend that my Aunt seek the assistance of Alanon. This is breaking her. I believe that this madness has its roots in a near lifetime of alcoholism. Maybe a support group will be able to share the burdon, as her brothers and sisters have refused to do.

I fear that my GF may become a street person, having lost his sense of direction and forgotten his way home. This is how it happens. Through the neglect of a health system that allows mental patients to sign themselves out when they are truely in need of containment -- my GF has refused care time and time again.

Pray for them please. Send messages out into the universe. Whatever it is you do, please take a few moments to help us out. Maybe the story will have a happier ending.


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