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10:33 a.m. - 2004-01-16
The Asshole Crew belongs in Europe
I'm realizing how much I depend on my family of friends in B-town and Batten-ville. I have a weekend trip planned to the Eastern Shore, and all I can think about is how much I will miss The Boys, Sixweasels and Batten. Batten has become such an integral part of our weird little family. Even though we don't see her as much, The Boys will invariably ask about our friend Batten if she's not around. She's part of the pack.

I took my mom out to Red Lobster last night and she commented about how off the wall my group of friends are in B-town. It seems so normal to me to run around with a couple girls and crew of guys of varying 30-40 something ages and crash wherever someone wants me. She doesn't understand how men and women just hang out with eachother and not either be married, or feel threatened if they are. To her, you have to be out as a group of ladies or as sets of couples. She thinks my group is great, and cute, and loving, but weird.

I've gotten so attached to my crew and my lifestyle that it has become quite normal to me. I can't imagine how other people live. I wonder if I will ever be able to marry a man outside the Asshole Crew, because our "family" probably looks as strange to other people as it does to my mom. I have hope though. Europeans tend to be more open and less restrictive in their relationships than do Americans. I remember romping around Europe with my host-sister, being invited to stay the night in someone's house, and being served breakfast by their mother in the morning. One mom told me she just counted the pairs of shoes by the door in the morning to see how much food to make. That is so sweet to me. The way the world should be. I want a man who has a mom like that.

I'm taking applications...


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