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9:17 a.m. - 2004-01-20
I'm finally over the trauma of the horrid weekend with the invasive hicks. Love them dearly, really, but I feel the need to be painfully descriptive.

Well, its decided. I'm moving in with Mom after the cruise. I got my rent renewal papers yesterday, and rent goes up 80 dollars a month come March 1. 80 fricken dollars and I can hear my neighbor poop! I don't think so.

Batten and Sixweasels...beware. The next year may bring on a whole new Zen. Watch out! I'm sure I'll be full of complaints and foul language on the weekends. Lucky you!

This brings me to the things I will miss about having my own apartment. I will so miss my bedroom. I was laying on my bed last night, thinking "this is the warmest, comfiest, most good-dream producing bedroom ever."

I will miss waking up alone and watching the news in peace. I will miss sleeping in on Saturday mornings without my mother vacuuming me awake. I will miss privacy. I will miss reading in the bathtub without my mom telling me that she's leaving, or that someone is on TV or that someone called. I will miss my haven away from the constant fighting. I will miss my own space. I will miss (Blush)

But, the nearly 1000 dollars I pay in rent and bills can go to the better use of paying off my debt in total, and make me free to do and live wherever I choose. Its a psycological and financial brick wall that I want to be rid of after all these years. And in the end, it will be worth it.

I think. I guess. I hope.

I'm scared. More scared than I was to move out last year. That was tough, but this will be tougher by a long shot. (Practicing deep breathing) So, I'm off to look for storage space because I want to keep all of my stuff. If I keep to task, I should be ready to use it again in a year/year and a half. I might want to tag on a little extra time for cushion money as I look for a new career.

Wish me luck folks...


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