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9:37 a.m. - 2004-01-23
Penis dreams.
The hope is still lingering, so it must be real. I'm really gonna make something of myself that I can be proud of.


I have to tell you all, I had a very strange dream last night. I was in Rico Suave's basement, being seduced. And he was very well endowed. And I wanted it, but wouldn't have it, because I was supposed to have a booty call with H.

Now, I've sort of fiddled with Rico in the past, and although he is very presentable (and one of the best kissers on the planet), I didn't notice his proportions being quite what my crazy filthy mind made up last night. Nor have I thought about him in THAT way for a long long time.

So what's up with the dream? Dunno. Maybe its just a good omen that there will be no tiny dick sightings this year. That would be great. Or maybe, its just me wishing that I could combine all the special qualities that I love about all my boys into one package. That, not so great. Not possible.

It was a very fun dream though...

I believe the moral of this filthy story is, get a life! If you can't find what you want in your innner circle, go beyond and conquer. I'm gonna try harder this year. Romanian waiters, here I come.

So to the weekend:

1- Eat good food and do not overindulge in booze.

2- Give Six a big hug and take her out to overindulge in booze.

3- See if H is available for an slumber party.

4- Mess with a drunk's head just for fun.

5- Maybe see a movie.

6- Enjoy being with friends.

7- Torment H's kid if he's around. Its just so much fun!

8- Call Six's husband names and make faces at him.

9- Look at cars on the internet and decide which one I want to fantasize about buying next year or the year after.

10- Pick a paint color for my room at Mom's house to make the room more special to come home to.


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