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12:26 p.m. - 2004-01-23
Ramble, ramble, ramble.
Entry 2:

Its colder than an ice cube in here, and someone has some serious B.O. I could understand B.O. if it were hot as Heck, but come on now. It wreaks of an unwashed body. Soap, people, soap! I know of very few people who cannot afford a lousy bar of it, and they don't work here. And what's up with the cold air blowing on me?

I am feeling abused and forsaken. Why me?

Maybe I'll pop some popcorn to use as potpouri. Eeek!

I styled my bangs straight this morning, and they're poking me in the eye. My co-workers think it makes me look British. I guess British folks wear their bangs long and pokey.

Jeez, even my legs are cold. What's up?

I definately do not feel like working today. It feels too much like a play day to go to the museums in D.C. or something. I'd need a limo though, because hell if I'd be walking from the subway to the museums today. Someone bring me a mug of hot tea. My legs are too ffffffrozen to move.

Anyone for a hookie day?


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