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7:40 a.m. - 2004-01-27
Rednecks and trucks.
I just want to state to the masses, that yesterday's outburst was entirely drivin by PMS and I love my boys very dearly.

Now, on to rednecks and why they are great.

My mom decided to go out to lunch yesterday, and drove into a drift and got stuck. My mom is nervous in the best of times, yet goes into denial when the weather is bad as if she has something to prove and gets into trouble. She grew up in Newport and New Bedford and thinks she can drive on ice.

I went to go save her, but it was really stuck. Then a huge redneck in a huge redneck truck comes up to us and offers to pull us out with a chain. Mom is afraid of rednecks and said, thanks, no, blushing furiously and stammering.

So, I got out, and said, thanks, please and may I help with anything. See, I am a redneck expert. Hanging out at The Bar has given me an edge with big, burly, rough looking men. So, he hooked us up, pulled us out, and went along his merry way. Mom was in disbelief. She wanted to pay him or something. I had to teach her about how too much gratitude can make a redneck pretty angry. And that a simple 'thanks buddy' was just perfect.

Gotta love 'em.

Today, I'm at home because the ice is too thick and I can't get into my car. So I'm working...ahem... from home. I figure I still get my non-smoking breaks and lunch. So I've lined up my afternoon movie watching. Nothing like working at home, huh?


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