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12:24 p.m. - 2004-01-28
PMS Venting I think
I went to my Mom's for dinner last night, and my brother was there so she was in rare form. My normally overly expressive, highly dramatized mom was flying high as if she had taken a happy pill. She was telling us all stories she had already told us a thousand times. About her youth, when she was beautiful and smart and witty. I get so tired of it. Its like, yes , we know that you were once young, and beautiful, and popular and everything. There is no need to drill it in with a hammer. And no, it is not entertaining. And no, you do not out talk us all because we are incapable of carrying on a converstation. Its because your mouth doesn't know how to shut. PLEASE GET A LIFE!!!!!

And I'm moving in there for a year? Am I insane? I'm springing for a storage unit with climate control so I have a place to escape to when it gets rough. Sad, huh? God help me.

In other news, I am going to a motorcycle show this weekend. Can you see it? Me mixing in with owners of Hondas, Yamahas and Harleys? Its gonna be a blast. Biker Zen.


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