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9:16 a.m. - 2004-01-30
The shrimp, the boss and the jeans.
I missed making an entry yesterday because I got my new boss, and all my projects blew up, and I was just sort of sitting in my office cackling to myself and shaking my head.

I fixed the projects, met the new boss (we talked a lot about cruises) and went to dinner at Red Lobster where the entertainment was priceless. The waiter threw stuff at us, and picked up our dishes so quickly and mercilessly it was like he was a Hoover.

One tablemate ordered the Endless Shrimp of the Endless Wait. The waiter asked him three times if he wanted more, and three times he said yes. I finally caught the waiter's eye across the room and waggled the guy's last shrimp up in the air to make a point. The waiter came out with a double load. Then someone turned up the music way loud, and a little kid got up on his chair, picked his nose and wiggled to the beat. The room went into hysterics. Oh, and my fish came without the lime, lemon, orange butter sauce stuff, but I was afraid to ask, so...

I went shopping last night for jeans to replace the ones I ripped falling on my ass several weeks ago. I wore them a couple times since, but decided that the look was a little too 80s for me. So I got these great super low rise, boot legged, stretch jeans with slim thighs. They are perfect. Old Navy usually makes pants with wide thighs, which make my ass look larger. These are perfection, and affordable.

That was the highlight of my day. Maybe I'm a girl after all. Rough day, bad dinner, buy jeans = happy.

Oh, PMS is over. And I love everyone now. I sure hope I never get it that bad again. I don't like being mean to people. Even if they don't know it.


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