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9:32 a.m. - 2004-02-02
Dribble, and more dribble.
My brother shocked the hell out of me Friday night. We were talking about my debt situation (you know, being given 40, 000 in credit cards while in college with no job) and he told me to write a book about it. He seriously told me to write a book about it to save the numerous college freshmen to be from making the same mistakes and being taken in by creditors who take blood for payment.

My brother doesn't know that I write. But he gave me this task with a sense of assurance that I could do it that it took my breath away.

Something to ponder...

Work threatened to take away all my weekends when I left on Friday, but someone big must have complained and the schedule was changed to mostly Sundays starting midnights and weekdays. We're implementing stuff for the next two months you see. And I must be very important because I am required to be on site for this madness with my thumb up my butt. So, I am going to further negotiate some on call status for the other times because I need to sleep sometime weekend or not.

I was scared for a while that Sully-fest would be impacted, but we're finishing up before that weekend. Phwew!

We went to the motorcycle show and it was pretty neat. I found a motorcycle that would be mine if I were the motorcycle type. It was a beefy celtic/highlander design that appealed to the celt in Zencelt. Maybe Sixweasels will post a pic for you all to see. It was pretty damn cool.

While we are standing in line, freezing out asses off, Six and I saw this guy that joined Sully and the New Yorker (you remember him, right?) and us for a night out in Fells. He was with the wife and kids, and me, being somewhat stupid about these things, said to Six, "let's go say hi!" But, Six came though. She said, "maybe he wouldn't want to get his assed kicked again for going out with Sully. Besides, I don't think he told her that he was with girls too." If you can call us that. We're really more like puppies when we go out with The Boys. Not really bimboesque. Just hanging out.

She must have been right though, because because he definately recognized us, but looked the other way. I never got the jealousy/possessive thing myself. So I don't always recognize it in others. Thank god for Six. I may have been beaten up myself. Eeeek! Schmushed Zen.

My metrosexual neighbor had a party last night with his friends. We ordered pizza at the same time and had to do a keystone cops imitation to get the right orders. He was very flirtatious. Weird... He's been awefully chatty lately too. Plus a girl just moved in with him. And I think she's the same one who farted on him before. He had a fit and kicked her out. Left her crying on the landing banging on the door begging to be let back in. He didn't let her. This is what made me think he was gay before. But, I think he may just be metrosexual. But if a guy kicked me out for farting, I really, really don't think I'd go back. For any reason.

By the way, I did my civic duty Saturday night. I called in a drunk driver. I was heading home at 1:30am on the interstate, and I saw this guy go from shoulder to shoulder, back and forth out of control, for about a mile. I drove up to see his license plate, but he had one of those tinted plate covers on. So I called in the make, model and location.

Kids, don't drive drunk. Always designate a driver who doesn't drink. Like me. I never drive if I've had over two. Or at The Bar, one. They make them strong there. Drunk driving is bad, mmmkay?


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