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3:06 p.m. - 2004-02-04
Whine fest
This is the kind of flower I am: (jumping right up on that band wagon)

Intuition Rose

"You are wild and beautiful. Your friends enjoy the fun you bring into their lives, and the trouble you get them into!"

This might actually be right on. Especially the beautiful part. You can really tell the PMS is gone, huh?

I'm feeling a little giddy today. It isn't often my horrid work week is interrupted by a good asshole. Sixweasels has all the luck, being local to the Asshole crew. I'm just basking in the attention as if it were the heat of the Carribean sun.

Two months and counting...

If only I weren't too chubby for my beautiful black velvet ball gown =(

My boobs have grown a bit since the last cruise I guess. Or maybe it was the dry cleaners. In any case, I have an inch to lose in the boob area, and I don't know how to do that exactly. You know, I think my boobs were generous enough as they were.

So, I'm off to find yet another formal outfit, or maybe I'll just extend the use of the little black dress to two evenings. I hate boobs!!! Aaaack!

And I've been working way too late to go to the gym, so losing weight anywhere is pretty much out. I hate boobs and work.

Ah well. Enough whining. For now.


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