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10:34 a.m. - 2004-02-05
American Idols and poop.
So far, I've found one Idol contestant to root for. The girl with the pink and black hair. She's cute, nice, outrageous in a classy way and has a gorgeous voice. The boys are really sort of blending together, so I'm having a tough time picking one out. I'm on the fence about the redhead with the retro voice. I think he may have a Harry Connick Jr. appeal to some, so why the hell not? But why did Scooter Girl get booted? I know she seems a bit show-tuney, but that's what they said about Clay. I think with a little image work, they would have had a strong contestant. Obnoxious as she is. And who ever made that boy a model? That is a butt ugly face. Too ugly for even me. And I don't feel bad saying that, because he is a rude, egotistical sonofa. So there. Commentary a la Zen.

I can't find anyone to go to lunch with today. I have a free hour with nothing to do but de-stress, and no one to play with. The recent sun has given me the urge to go to the park, sit on a swing and munch. But I think it might be too snowy. Can't wait for more temperate weather so my lunches in the park can commence.

Maybe I'll shun society and head out to a restaurant alone. There's power in that. Eating alone in a restaurant WITHOUT a book or newspaper. I never understood why people think thay have to be doing something busy to eat alone. It just make you look more visible. Silly really. I just sit there, play with my silverware, and stare at people till my food comes. Feeling all powerful. Rude, but entertaining.

Speaking of which, I am craving a broadway-esque show. I feel like dressing up, and heading out to the theatre. I don't think my "friends with benefits" relationship will extend quite that far, so I'll have to find someone more artsy fartsy. Perhaps I'll just take mommy out to the local dinner theatre. Make up for all the abuse and bad moods that are about to be showered upon her when I move back in.

By the way, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance is having a replay of the special yoga fart episode tonight at 9. Be there or be bereft of poop humor.


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