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9:33 a.m. - 2004-02-09
No sleep and all play makes Zen a fun girl.
Well, the work stuff I was working on over the weekend went horribly, horribly wrong. Horribly. I mean we broke stuff. Important stuff, though we fixed everything when we were finished playing. The good thing is, I get to say Told You So because we were pushed unnecessarily into doing this by people who have the power, but not the knowledge. And your Zen stated as such up front. Yay for me.

We also cancelled the second day of playing so I got to go to B-town and hang out with my friends. Sixweasels, Sully and the DJ went out to a new bar for me. An Irish pub/restaurant with a fantastic cover band. Six and I got flirted with my a Triple H (of wrestling fame) wanna be who seemed to have all the talent of a recording artist. And it made me wonder why a band with so much talent would be doing covers in local bars instead of writign music and gettign air play. I didn't ask, because I thought it might be insulting. But I wondered.

When the band stopped playing and last call was ... called, I rudely make the boys finish their beers so I could head over to H's for some shagging. Only to be awoken in the AM by the man-child because he couldn't figure out how to get the computer to work. So H decided to get the "expert" in the house on the job and dragged my sleep deprived ass out of bed with the promise of breakfast out. I ws still lacking in sleep from working for 24 hours straight, then staying up late, but breakfast was on my mind.

Off to the basement I went to set up short cuts, format columns, and set the child to work. Then H and I laid on the couches harrassing the poor boy about finishing up so they could go out later to rummage through flea markets. It amazes me that a 13 year old boy would be interested in antiques and flea markets. Its pretty cool.

The morning breakfast was chock full of stares and polite smiles as the locals checked H's new friend. He seems to know everyone in town. They would stop by the table, say hello, then look at me through the eyes of scientists looking at a new organism through a microscope. And there I was with cheeks rosy from sleep, and hair sticking out in all directions. Eating my pancakes with relish. I had been craving them.

I left to come home after further couch potatoing, because my stepdad's birthday party was getting underway soon and I needed to wrap my present. There was much hilarity when I handed it to him, because I had no wrapping paper, so I put the gift in a paper lunch bad packed with toilet paper. But he liked the gift inside, so that's what counts.

And I finally slept last night.

8.5 hours.

I feel like a brand new Zen.


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