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1:36 p.m. - 2004-02-11
Pillow fights and crunchy puppies.
The butterflies are still here. The sun is still out, and the pooch is enjoying long lunches out in the crunchy snow. Life is good.

I took off a few hours this Friday so that I can enjoy a rare opportunity to hang out with my buds for happy hour. I'm picking up Six and we're heading out to a waterside watering hole for a couple beers and good conversation. And the weather should be gorgeous. Forty whole degrees!


I didn't sleep well last night. I was in my mom's house doing puppy sitting duty, and the bed was just empty. My bed at the apartment if warm and full of good dreams. Its just so me. My bed at H's is full of big hairy him, the warm water, and pillow fights in the middle of the night when I've had enough of sleeping with someone encroaching on my space. I was informed last weekend at about 4 in the morning that I'd grown used to doing my own thing for so long and would have to deal. Followed by a good sound thump on the head with a new body pillow that we fought over like cats and dogs earlier. I won, of course.

But the bed in my mom's house, though beautiful, even with the walls painted lavendar and such, is so cold and empty. So I lay awake all night listening to the sounds of my dog tossing and turning in her cage, then wandering around the kitchen to find a comfy place to stretch out and wait for breakfast. My dreams were scattered and quick, coming one after another, one cutting the next off.

I guess that will change when I am there full time later this year. It'll have to. I'll have to fill it with the dream of being financially free of unsecured debt. Spiritually free of the guilt it has caused. Professionally free of the shackles it has put on my wrists to have a high paying job in a low cost of living town.

I'll be able to breath free again.

Till then, I'll dream of cruises and adventures to come.


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