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9:17 a.m. - 2004-02-16
Zen almost gets kicked out.
You know its bad when I start whining about wanting to go back to The Bar when I'm out on the town for an evening. When Zen is ready to call it a night and go back to hillbilly land, something is amiss.

That something was my mouth.

I drank too much beer, got really loud, and responded to Sixweasels' question, "Who wants a gorilla dick?" with "I do!!!!" Oops!

Not that I really do, but it was for the effect. And man oh man, what an effect it had. All those nice boys, and the old lady knitting a hat for her husband turned and stared at us.

I hung my head in shame, and requested that the DJ take us back to The Bar where no one minds whether I say I want gorilla dicks or not. Six's mom looked at me, took my face in her hands, and just shook her own head. Its been a few months since I've had more than a couple drinks. The result was alarming, even to the die hard alcoholics. Poor little Zen had her head on the bar snoozing before midnight.

Sully was so wasted that he didn't remember that he took me home with him. Good thing I had had that nap. I got us both home safe in a cab. The driver and I had a good debate about education, private school vouchers and the Governor's giant fuck you to higher education. No bad after an evening of assholery.

Poor Sully woke up in the morning and wondered who the heck was watching TV in his living room. He was relieved to find that it was me and not a strange, biohazardous woman.

He does have a comfortable couch, but I had to go to Sixweasels for a shower because Sully hasn't cleaned his bathroom since he moved in over 5 years ago. Boys are so gross.

Six may have mice, but you never have to fear fungus in the bathtub. Even the mice seem to be on the way out. That's a good thing. One of these mornings Sully might shoot me in the ass because he forgot I was there.

I went to Six's grandad's birthday party after the shower and a marathon call with H. He was pretty interested in the fact that I called him post-shower wearing a towel. Boys are so much fun!

He was at Sully's for a break while his kids spent some time with the their grandparents. Six and I had to laugh about that. Sully is the most energetic person we know, and is exhausting to be around. Teh last person you'd go to for some relaxation.

But, H was there and I asked him if he and the kiddies might want to see the hockey movie. I knew that H had seen it live when it happened. I mean he's only told me a thousand times. But I thought he'd like to see the movie too. But, he had offered to babysit all his families' children so their parents could go out for Valentine's Day. It sounded like a circus over there when he called back later before the movie. The girls were giggling, the boys were yelling at the girls, and H was popping popcorn and cutting up kiwi for snacks to shut them all up.

Then I called after the movie as instructed to see if I could come over for snacks, and we talked, or actually, he talked for an hour, and then I was so tired and needed to drive home.

This is the man who does not like to talk on the phone.


Men are so cute when they are adament. Then do the opposite.

P.S. Go see the hockey movie. Miracle. Its a bit long, but I loved every second. It made me want to go back and be an athlete again.


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