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12:47 p.m. - 2004-02-16
There she goes...
Don't miss entry number one today!!!

Everyone, a moment of silence. The Zen-mobile requires regular maintenence jobbies, front brake boots, roter something or others, outer axle boots, clippies, parking brake replacements and other assorted fixes that will cost a little over 1000.00. Gulp! Mommie!!!!!

There goes my bonus. At least I get one this year. Its a bit smaller than usual, because the blood suckers are trying to make us believe that they didn't make enough money last year to be quite as generous as usual. But mine was in the 98th percentile, so I guess I should be happy. I guess. At least I was when I thought I could put it toward cruise pampering.


Oh, and I just painted myself with white-out. Big time. Only me. Now all I need is a big streak of black permanent marker across my head.

Oh yeah, my dog ate my step-dad's birthday cakes last week. Mom baked and decorated them, put them in the front bedroom with the door wide open to hide them from my step-dad, then went to lunch. The dog liked the chocolate more than the vanilla. The step-dad wanted to salvage what was left and serve it up. Mom sent him out to buy new birthday cakes. Life is funny.


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