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12:33 p.m. - 2004-02-18
Boring crap.
How does a girl live through a month and a half of waiting to get on a freaking boat? Huh?

Enough already!

I went to the gym at 9pm last night, because its the only time you can get on a freaking machine. I did 15 minutes and almost died. I am so very out of shape. But I've made a new committment to go every night I'm at home at 9pm. It didn't feel very good. My muscles are so out of alignment that I sounded like a rice crispy from head to toe. I went home and did a downward facing dog pose for about 10 minutes just to let everything settle back into place.

I had to get new sneakers too because my old ones were too small. They're fine for walking, but my big toes were getting sore from rubbing against the toe box when I did the elliptical trainer. I have such huge feet. Size 10 sneakers are in my gym bag now. Eeek!

Work is still grinding away at my soul, but I won't get into gory details. Just say a prayer for me and have done with it. I'll also accept chants, meditations, prismatic energy, karma, whatever you have to give.

I want to take a long winter's nap now.


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