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1:48 p.m. - 2004-02-19
The Dream
I had a dream last night. I left work to pick someone up in an apartment building. Then I was sidetracked by a pool. So I parked in a dark garage in a bad neighborhood and strolled with the friend to the pool. We swam and sunned, then went off to find the car. We were sidetracked by an accident, and I tried to call 911, but the phone wouldn't work, so we walked on. Then we saw these two beautiful apartment complexes with uber amenities. Not places we could afford, but we looked like we belonged. We snuck in, and walked around. Then we took the elevator to the top floor and found a pool in an enchanted garden setting. I started to get in, but started feeling anxious about getting back to work. It had been a couple hours now. So we walked around the pool, and met a co-worker (a really weird one of mine) who lived there. I wanted to buy a snack, and the snack seller guy asked for my apartment ID. The co-worer flashed his, and I got my candy, but the snack guy looked suspicious. Then the three of us walked down the stairs to the lobby and looked for the car. The parking manager was looking though all these cars on a rack (the cars were the size of Barbie vehicles). Ours was buried under a pile of others. So we get in the car, but the accident is still outside. I try once again to call 911, but the phone still doesn't work. Its been hours now and I still haven't gotten back to work or called them. We can't drive away because the accident is blocking the way. So my friend and I walk to the garage, sometimes having to walk through bushes and hedges that make up the sidewalks. We get to the garage, and a creepy lady and her helper takes us down to the basement to get out car. The helper is a boy about 10 years old. She assured us that he is very strong, and Scottish. The dream ended when we are halfway down the dark, steep winding staircase.

The air was warm, but not hot. The sky was blue and sunny, but had a glassy, poster-like texture. The lighting looked artificial. Some homes and businesses were brick, some wood sided and painted different colors. Some were decorated for a holiday, but I'm not sure which one. I think the colors were pastel, so maybe Easter? All were old and chipping.

Anyone gifted in dream interpretation is welcome to have a go. This was the most intense dream I've had in a while. I used to have dreams like this all the time in highschool and college. Vibrant, detailed dreams.

I feel better today though. More productive. Maybe I'm feeling guilty about missing work last night in my dreams ; )


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